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Dair Dezines  

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About Us

Dair Dezines was created in 2009 by Sheldon Shchak who is taking Airbrush Body Art to a new Level of Competition and Creativity. Sheldon studied Art Education at the University of Alberta and since then has been blowing up the art world one event after the other.

Dair Dezines Services Include:

- Airbrush Body Art

- Custom Airbrushing

- Cross Promotions and Marketing

- Custom Made Stencils and Logos for Every Event and for Sponsers

- Custom Painted Objects and Murals

- Photography

- Lots of Advertising for You, Your Company and/or Your event

A journey into the depths of modern mans existential delema unified and modernized with Love, Art and Laughter! " Painting the world a better place!"

                   - Sheldon Shchak

For Our Prices
Please Contact Sheldon at [email protected]