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Dair Dezines  

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Quotes I've used these artists for my promotional events back in the Gold'N Tan days. Probably one of the most fun anniversary parties I ever had! The artists are progressive, creative, daring and professional with the models. Their talent simply ...cannot be matched because they LOVE what they do. I am a firm believer in people following their passion and to these people using the body as a canvas for art is what they are all about. When they are knee deep in paint and body parts at 'work' they are smiling, having a blast, and challenging themselves to a level of competency you just won't find from people who do it! Quotes
Adam Sand

Quotes Shchak Cybak & the amazing team from Dair Dezines are amazing ? love love love Quotes
Jeanne Kuhn

Quotes Such a badass pic Quotes
Carol Martinez

Quotes rockin it babe Quotes
Jodi Weisser

Quotes What a fun night that was thanks for the amazing paint job Sheldon! Quotes
Brandi M

Quotes We're a fire family that largely met through Hell 'N' Back Industries and North Country Fair. We're based in northern Alberta, Canada with members in Grande Prairie and Peace River areas. Quotes
Circus of Hell
Next time we perform in Edmonton we'd love to work with you!